Forum Sites For Teachers – Do Online Forum Sites For Teachers Really Work?


Online forum sites for teachers may not be what they are made out to be. In reality, you could find that forum websites are ineffective for many different reasons.

First, online forum sites for teachers often require you to sign up with a specific website,

in order to participate. If you are new to the site and want to post information about your subject, you may find that you must first join the site, before you can post. This is a very common occurrence for teachers on these types of sites.

Another reason that forum websites for teachers are ineffective is because most of the topics that teachers have are topics that are already addressed. It is very rare that a teacher will create a forum about a topic that is not already discussed or is not well known.

Forum for teachers can be great ways to make new friends, if you are a teacher-to-be. When you choose a forum, make sure that it is not a spam forum. Spam forums often have nothing of value to offer.

Forum for teachers should be used for teacher resources. They should not be used for long discussions on topics that you do not know a great deal about. It may seem as though your classmates are smarter than you, but your knowledge is not as extensive as theirs.

Forum for teachers should not be used to “shill” for any one product. There is a huge difference between a forum to sell something, and a forum to discuss a product. There are many forums that contain sales copy, and which you may use to create a “perk system”.

If you will be using your forum for your personal benefit,

you may not get out of the habit of posting at the same time each day. This is a bad habit to get into. Try to vary your postings so that your profile gets some content daily.

One other problem with forums for teachers is that they can be very difficult to navigate. You may find that you can only find your profile, by searching through the page to find the information you need.

Forums for teachers also can be extremely slow. Sometimes the sites will list your posts, and sometimes they will not. If you will be posting a lot, it is essential that you check the comments on your posts.

Sometimes your forum posts will be taken down for violations of forum etiquette. There is no way to predict when or how an administrator will ban a member. Make sure that you abide by the rules of the forum.

Finally, a forum for teachers can easily turn into a “hate” forum. What this means is that someone will start a thread to “hate” the teacher who has posted on that particular forum.

  • You may not be able to stop all of this, but you can minimize the damage that can be done.
  • By understanding how a forum works, and limiting the amount of time that you spend on it.
  • You will find that these ideas can help you be successful in your school forum activities.